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that will be good for anyone. there's a few programs that aren't affected by this. >> it affect so many aspects. >> reporter: it does. the only programs that won't be affected would be social security and medicare. but that's been the argument that there may be too many entitlement programs and that's costing us. >> linda yee, thank you. the sequestration is the most immediate challenge for new secretary of state john kerry. this afternoon i sat down with our country's first female secretary of state madeline albright. i asked her how kerry should handle cuts to humanitarian aid should they happen. >> he did in fact -- i was interested he made his first speech on the subject on how it tied our hands and hurt national security. it is important to make sure there's enough money and people to work on the security issues. >> albright says the state department budget now is $51
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billion. just like that, democrats no longer have complete and total control of the state legislature. senator michael rubio of shafter announced he is resigning immediately to take a job with oil giant chevron. now democrat control 26 seat in the senate, that's one shy of the two-thirds majority they need to pass tax changes or override vetoes. >> one vote makes a difference. and that's exactly what's happened within the senate and i'm sure people are talking on both side of the aisle as i speak about who the right candidate is for that senate district. >> it's not clear who might succeed rubio but democrats out number republicans in his san joaquin valley district. california's attitude toward undocumented workers seems to be drastically changing. a new field poll shows that the vast majority of voters favor letting them become citizens under certain conditions. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington on why this change
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of heart. elissa. >> reporter: hi, allen. this is the most support for a plan like this in the 7 years the field poll has been keeping track. >> every day i worry about my mom. >> reporter: her mother came to the united states from mexico more than 20 years ago but she is still an illegal worker. we met her in san francisco says she constantly fears her mom might be deported. >> she apparently can't get no license, any of that so we just have been driving a car and everything is always risky. >> reporter: her mother is among 11 million immigrants here illegally in the united states today. a new field poll shows overwhelming support to give legal status to people like her. 90% of californians back a path to citizenship. this favors letting immigrants who have lived here for a long time stay and become citizens if they have a job, learn english and pay taxes. >> today's poll shows overwhelming support from californians for immigration reform. >> reporter: the aclu says
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about a quarter of the 11 million this would affect live right here in california. >> whether they're farm workers in the central valley or tech following workers in silicon valley, we all will benefit from fixing this immigration system that's broken and providing that road map to citizenship. >> reporter: people i talked to in san francisco shared a similar sentiment. >> i agree. if you are doing something positive, everybody deserves equal rights. >> very important for our economy. i don't know what we would do without our immigrants. >> obviously some flaws that may be more undocumented workers might land up in here. >> reporter: despite the support for a path to citizenship, the field poll also shows 65% of californians want more patrols at the u.s./mexico border. 57% favor penalties for hiring illegal immigrants and almost half want those here illegally deported. immigration reform is a hot button issue in washington.
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senators are working on a bill and an unfinished proposal by the obama administration suggests a path that would take 13 years. in san francisco, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> thank you. one of the high-speed rail's biggest enemies could become an ally. kpix 5's don knapp says that's only if neighbors on the peninsula get their way. don. >> reporter: liz, it's not that folks here in the peninsula are opposed to the concept of high- speed rail. what they are opposed to is a prospect of having streets and neighborhoods torn up for years while they expand the right of way. now there's legislation that could resolve that. a caltrain rolls into palo alto on a side of right of way. now after a century of development communities have moved up to the edge of the tracks. here at alma and churchill palo alto high's athletic fields and stadium border one side of the
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tracks. the busy road and compact neighborhoods border the other. expanding the right of way would take them out. that's what california's high- speed rail authority has in mind. two inside tracks for caltrains, two outside tracks for high-speed rail. opponents had hoped to kill that plan. >> currently, the position of the city council is that high- speed rail should be terminated because it is not what was portrayed to the voters back in 2008. >> reporter: besides the expansion, the project was originally priced at $33 billion. now it's $68 billion. but it's not the price tag that draws the fire of atherton, menlo park, palo alto, belmont, brisbane and burlingame. it's the land lost to eminent domain and the cost an inconvenience of years of construction. >> the lack of credibility that they brought to the table and the lack of integrity that has been challenged by the people that live on the peninsula and the original proposal -- we were concerned that what we saw was not something that anyone in this community would accept. >> reporter: now state senator jerry hill has a legislative
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proposal that could ease the opposition and put peninsula communities behind the high- speed rail project. it guarantees money for electricification of caltrain, limits the right of way to two tracks through most of the peninsula, and gives caltrain veto authority if high-speed rail ever tries to put in four tracks. senator hill believes his legislation will pass and put communities behind high-speed rail. liz? >> thank you, don. the crane that collapsed underneath the new eastern span of the bay bridge has a new temporary home. mobile5's ken bastida found the twisted metal a few hours ago. >> reporter: we asked caltrans if they knew where the crane was, they told us officially no. they had no idea where it was. so we went looking and actually found it about 200 yards behind their complex over there in oakland. if you take a look at the video you can see it's a pretty big twisted piece of metal. you know, indicative of what happened yesterday. and they are still trying to
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get to the bottom of it officially. they have a number of inspectors looking at it. we also found some people from american bridge floor the company involved in the mishap. the contractors if you will looking over the structure and trying to figure out what happened. i speak to andrew gordon at caltrans today and he told me that no work will be done until this inspection and investigation are completed. >> my understanding is that right now, the contractor is working with the coast guard. it's unclear whether osha has become involved or what stage they will become involved and i'm sure they are going to be look at everything in terms of, you know, the equipment to the workers who were out there and kind of what the various steps of the protocol was and where all the safety measures followed and where things kind of fell apart. >> reporter: gordon says it will take about a month to complete the investigation. in the meantime, work continues on the new section of the bay bridge and there is no delay in
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the opening. they tell us that is still on labor day. live from treasure island, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. thank you. other bay area headlines a fourth person is charged with the murder of a millionaire. alleged prostitute is accused of killing ravi kumra in his mansion in november. three men already face murder charges while another woman is charged with being an accessory to murder. police identified a woman killed in an early-morning car accident in redwood city. a 20-year-old woman crashed into a hydrant on east bayshore road and thrown out of the car. the cause of the crash is under investigation. things are back to normal on the city college campus in san francisco a near 24-hour sit-in. dozens of students camped inside the administration building overnight. they called on the chancellor to do more to keep the school from losing its accreditation. they ended their protest after
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the chancellor agreed to talk to them. infamous for plotting the old finger in the wendy's chili hoax. coming up, why this bay area woman is under arrest once again. >> we told you last night about a problem seeping into google. tonight how toxic trouble is spreading to a crowded bay area neighborhood. >> got some clouds rolling into the bay area right now. we have gone from mainly sunny to mainly cloudy over the past two hours. is this indicative of a weather change to think about toward the weekend? we'll look all the way into march in my extended forecast coming up.
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the san jose woman who lied about finding a finger in a bowl of wendy's chili is in hot water again. mark sayre says this time she is accused of cooking up a story to protect her son. mark. >> reporter: allen, this is a
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serious case. anna ayala facing a felony charge in this latest case and that infamous chili finger situation is already playing a role in how this case is being handled. 47 yearly anna ayala shielded her face from the cameras her son 26-year-old guadalupe junior reyes appeared in court on crutches. she is known around the nation after making up a story in 2005 about finding a severed finger in a bowl of chili at wendy's and her older did sister is sad to see this again. >> this is not good. she is my little sister. you know? i worry. i worry. >> reporter: in this latest case guadalupe reyes is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and shooting himself in the foot then to cover up what happened, ayala allegedly lying to police and making up a story about her son being shot by two men for no apparent reason. police say ayala gave a vivid description of the suspects and
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even a possible name and police almost arrested that man before determining the whole story was a fake. >> they gave pretty specific information to the point to where we actually thought we had a suspect. we interviewed this person. we conducted various forensic testing as far as gunshot residue goes and so treated it like the real deal. eventually we were able to eliminate that person as a suspect. >> reporter: for now, a judge set bail at $150,000 for both reyes and her son. and ayala's role in the 2005 case was a factor in that decision. >> it's relevant at this point for purposes of bail based on the fact that, you know, as i mentioned she has a history of manipulating the system for her own gain and we feel she is a flight risk. >> she is a good person and she is my sister and i love her and i'll support her to the end. >> reporter: now, this whole case started back in october but police say it took them so long to investigate because ayala was simply so specific
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and so convincing in her description of that's nonexistent suspects down to the fact that one of the suspects has big ears. that person doesn't exist. >> the chili case went on for a long time too because she gave a lot of details they had to check. >> reporter: indeed. but this time, they're on to the m.o. they are clear the cases are separate and it's a notoriety about the chili finger case that doesn't have a lot do with this at this point. >> mark sayre, thank you. when google set up shop in mountain view it became part of a long tech legacy in silicon valley, a legacy that's now surfacing as toxic gas. you're looking at google buildings qd6 and qd7 that opened in june. now, back in the late '70s and '80s, this area was home to companies like fairchild semiconductor. they used a mix of chemicals
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including tce to make chips. that contaminated the water table and escaping up through the ground in the form of toxic vapors found in the buildings. those google offices don't sit on an island. they are right across the street from a neighborhood packed with homes and apartments. now some of them have the same problems. at bruce's house the fan never stops blowing. >> my family has owned this property for over 40 years. >> reporter: last year, the epa tested his home for the same toxic gasses discovered at the nearby google buildings. the results in his home? >> up to 18 micrograms per cubic meter of tce. >> reporter: the epa's safety standard? >> one per cubic meter. >> reporter: he knows all about the toxic chemistry. he was an engineer at fairchild for 12 years. >> those processed wafers. >> reporter: now they are sloshing around under his
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neighborhood and the epa isn't sure how they got there or how far they have spread. >> we're currently determining the extent of that contamination. >> reporter: while the epa tries to nail down the toxic plume, contaminated sites are getting state-of-the-art filtering systems to pump the gas away from offices and homes. >> this runs all the way through here. and here are the pumps. extracts all the fume. >> the fans and pipes give him peace of mind. >> want people not to freak out. >> i have been here for 40 years. nothing happened to me, i'm still kicking. >> as for the office buildings, google says workers' safety is a chief priority and it is satisfied with the venting measures now in place. as for the neighborhood, the epa says it will work to keep residents informed as more is learned about the extent of the contamination. we are getting a first look at pg&e new device for
6:17 pm
inspecting natural gas pipeline. it may look like a basic construction project but it's actually a high-tech wireless camera. now, unlike other robotic cameras, this one goes inside gas transmission lines to look for erosions or other defects without interrupting the service. the $800,000 project is part of the utility's effort to improve safety after the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. paul, it seems like we have been saying the same thing over and over again this week except for monday of course but another gorgeous beautiful nice clear warm day. >> one word, ditto, we're done. [ laughter ] >> we are going to talk about how close the rain is getting. it's not coming here, you know that. but we are going to talk about how close the calls are going to be with a few fronts moving through. happy friday to you, you made it through the week. we're knocking on the weekend's door. a lot of folks heading into town right now on the food of the bay bridge, the oakland side, the oakland landing if
6:18 pm
you will. oakland today 64. concord 64 sunny. san rafael 65. all topped by gilroy at 67 degrees. san francisco and half moon bay along the coast you stayed in the 50s. how close is that rainfall? about 4 or 5 hours to our north. we may see a sprinkle or two in mendocino and lake county overnight. aside from that we'll stay dry. the long-range outlook through the end of may through memorial day is for the bay area and northern california to be one of the driest spots in the country relative from normal just out from government meteorologists. this pattern is locked in place for a while. here's a synopsis of the pattern. high pressure off to the west taking most of the moisture and storms sending them to our north. close to us but it doesn't give us rainfall and we are going to stay this way for a while. the next several systems hit the northwest but not here. good news if you like sunshine. sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. cloudy outside right now. we'll be staying dry and next week we'll be trending warmer.
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low 60s tomorrow. san jose 61. concord 60. san rafael 58. san francisco 58. morning clouds afternoon sunshine. sunday sunnier couple of degrees milder mid-60s. low 60s on monday, mid-60s tuesday and wednesday. and we will end february and begin march close to 70 degrees. >> sunscreen. >> yes. spf 30 kind of forecast. >> enjoy it. >> why not. >> thank you. the old bay bridge shelters a thriving colony of sea birds. >> they have been here for at least 20 years. >> but their nesting days are numbered. how caltrans hopes to lure them to the new span. >> my boss just said i'm growing feathers. >> coming up next.
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6:22 pm
getting a bunch of stubborn birds to move. cormorants have nested out of sight on the beams for years. >> caltrans has tried everything to coax them out. now kpix 5's christin ayers says it's trying to lure them with the sounds of love. >> reporter: in the steel rafters of the old bay bridge a flock of fowl you may never have noticed until now. this is a colony of cormorants. there are up to 400 nests hidden along a mile stretch of the bridge. >> they like it here. they like the bay bridge. they have been here for at least 20 years. >> reporter: but when the bridge is dismantled to make way for the new eastern span, the birds will lose the only home many of them have ever known. caltrans saw this coming. it's why they spent about half a million dollars building these small platforms into the new bridge. so-called cormorant condos where the birds can make a new
6:23 pm
home. but apparently -- >> we haven't observed any movement yet. they have been available the platforms since 2009. >> reporter: birds of a feather are picky about where they flock together. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: last year they started to woo them with fake nests and decoys. >> no nesting occurred. >> reporter: still the bird wouldn't budge. >> because it habit been used, we decide -- because it hasn't been used we decided to get creative. >> reporter: the biologist is charged with getting into the brains of the birds. her idea of getting creative, having caltrans install speakers under the bridge that blast the call of the cormorant. here's a view you would never see from the top of the bridge. we are at the underbelly of this skyway and as you can see, workers are installing 16 speakers underneath here. they will project the sounds of cormorants mating in hopes of
6:24 pm
attracting the birds. talk about lovebirds. that is the sound of cormorant copulation. workers are wiring the bridge just in time for the cormorant mating season which runs from march to august. it's a plan that could sink or soar. >> we put in the time and research that could work but they may not, they are birds and we can't predict what they will do. >> reporter: time is on their side. they won't remove this part of the old bay bridge until 2015. until then, they will be watching and waiting for a minor bird migration. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony and we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. hopefully with those residents, new residents. coming up in our next half hour, her son spent years in a bay area prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> i'm 77 years old and i have
6:25 pm
never felt like this in my life. >> finally he is a free man. the first thing he did after his release. >> we're learning more [ indiscernible ] here in las vegas. we'll have a live report coming up. >> the bay area company with 600 jobs up for grabs and you do not need a college degree. t know. last immunization shots? really? ho hat's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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about aspiring rap artist, kenny clutch from oakland -- killed during a wild shooting and car crash on the las now at 6:30, new information about aspiring rap artist kenny clutch from oakland killed on a shootout on the las vegas strip. a manhunt is on the for the occupants of the black suv at the heart of the chaos we are learning more about the man who police believe was the target of the shooting. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez has details from las vegas. >> reporter: the cops are hard at work trying to find the man at the middle of that murderous mess yesterday that killed three people including one man from the bay area. kenny cherry lived in the sky
6:29 pm
plaza according to neighbors who say friends and family members have been stopping by today, his father is said to be in the area, near the may yesterday that killed three and injured six after a taxi blew up. cherriry's showbiz name is kenny clutch. he moved to vegas according to family. his attorney says he only had minor traffic incidents in his past here. >> i never actually had any criminal cases from mr. cherry. he was maybe like a couple of minor traffic tickets here and there. and my friend also handled the civil litigation where he was the plaintiff in a lawsuit where we were suing a car rental place. >> reporter: that lawsuit was settled out of court but we have learned that he did have some run-ins with the law in california. according to alameda county
6:30 pm
court documents cherry was arrested in december of 2007 charged with possession of marijuana for sale as well as two gun charges. he later pleaded no contest to that one charge of carrying an unregistered loaded firearm. he served two days in county jail and then five years felony probation the felony reduced to a misdemeanor later. police are still looking for the car in the middle of all this. they have put out an alert to several states here as they are trying to find the man who put everything into motion and started firing. >> they are probably asking you for the latest information. >> reporter: right. you know what, that is the case. this place gets back to normal quickly and everyone went back to gambling. the range rover might have ties to california. he might have left the state. we are waiting towards whether
6:31 pm
there's any developments. >> its distinct enough. let's hope so. joe vazquez in vegas, thanks. friends of kenny cherry say he was into gangsta rap but say that was just an image not who he was. they say he moved to las vegas to get away from the violence in oakland. >> the whole purpose of leaving okayed to vegas was to be a example of that you can make it out of here. >> kenny cherry has three children, a 3-year-old, 2-year- old and newborn. an off-duty san jose officer was in the right place at the right time to stop a robbery on bart. police say this woman jennifer davis tried to rob passengers on a train near oakland. sergeant kotto was on the train and grabbed davis and detained her until bart police arrive. the sergeant was actually headed to san francisco to get his marriage certificate with his fiancee. >> although i don't necessarily want to do things while not on, if i see something and there's no alternative, then she knows
6:32 pm
i'm going to do something. so she kind of stayed back, you know, in case it got a little more dangerous. >> kotto asked the other officers if he could give his statement later and he and his fiancee made it to the marriage certificate appoint with four minutes to spare. the south african olympian known as the "blade runner" is a free man for now. murder suspect oscar pistorius left court today after a judge decided he was too famous to flee bail. the runner shot and killed his model girlfriend. now prosecutors say that he planned the killing. defense attorneys say he thought he shot a home intruder. pistorius posted $113,000 bail. he has to hand over his guns and passports and then report to a police station twice a week. an oakland man who spent years in prison for a crime he didn't commit is finally free. kpix 5's patrick sedillo was there as ronald ross got his life back.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: ronald ross has been waiting for this moment for almost 7 years. his shoes touching the ground a free man. >> a lot of pain, hurt, seeing a lot of things that i usually don't see. >> reporter: seven years waiting behind walls innocent but convicted with horror stories to tell. >> a lot of stabbings and people who committed suicide. >> reporter: mom thelma describes the first hug in almost 7 years. >> like i was in the garden of eden somewhere. >> reporter: he was falsely accused in 2006 of shooting a man in oakland. the man survived but ronald was mistakenly identified as the shooter and was given a 25 areas to life sentence for attempted murder. the d.a. thought it was the right thing to do to drop the charges since a private investigator and the "innocence project" as well as his attorneys proved ronald was in fact innocent. the actual shooter is now in santa rita jail. ross' attorney says they never gave up hope. >> we have been working hard to
6:34 pm
convince them for the past year that ronald really was innocent. >> reporter: when ross was released, he cried for 10 minutes. >> the anger? are you angry? >> as far as i did, but now since god talked to me i really feel fine. >> reporter: he might make it home in time for supper and he walks out of jail today a free man. >> i can breathe and kissing the sunshine. >> reporter: patrick sedillo, kpix 5. $70,000 a year plus they will drive you to work. the bay area company with hundreds of job openings and you don't even need a degree. >> did you see this bright golden orange thing floating up? what is that? >> like sea creatures on steroids maybe in lake tahoe. what's behind a boom in giant goldfish. ico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i
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could be the latest weapon against an international scam
6:37 pm
targeting elderly asian women. you may have heard of the a simple shopping bag could be the latest weapon against a scam against asian women. con artists approach elderly asians and ask them to hand over money and valuables in a bag to lift a curse from their family. now police hope these shopping bags that say beware of street scams will protect seniors. >> this bag campaign was 80% effective in hong kong where they were suffering from this thing in epidemic proportions. >> san francisco police say they plan to pass out 1,000 of the bags in asian communities in the coming weeks. and all week we are looking at who is hiring here in the bay area. >> big biotech company has hundreds of job openings and kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says that it doesn't matter if you don't
6:38 pm
know the first thing about what they do. [ pause ] >> geiger counter noise ] [ no audio ] [ no narration ] >> and unfortunately, we didn't get all of that report. we'll try to get the right one and bring it to you in a bit. i'm don ford along oakland's lake merritt. what does $200 million worth of improvements look like these days? i'll have that story coming up. >> what is really dry weather looking like? like this on kpix 5 hi-def doppler but there is rain in far northern california. will we tap into that on the weekend? i have your forecast coming up. >> which kpix 5 television show is jim harbaugh's favorite?
6:39 pm
and why giants fans may be seeing double in spring training. that's coming up in sports.
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6:42 pm
all week we're looking at who is hiring here in the bay area. a big biotech company has literally hundreds of job openings. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says it doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about what they do. >> it was one of the most exciting days of my life. >> reporter: for kate the call that led to a career at genentech was life changing. >> i want to go to my next career path. >> reporter: at the age of 40, at genentech. the bay area biotech giant expects to fill about 600 open positions this year alone. many of them right here at the south san francisco headquarters. some current openings pay 70 to $80,000 a year. but salaries vary by position. fortune 500 ranges it among the top companies to work for.
6:43 pm
when most people think biotech they think a specialized career. what do you say to those people who never thought about working in biotech? >> we have sales, clinical trials, corporate groups, i.t. organizations, across all the groups there's opportunity. >> reporter: with more than 12,000 employees the south san francisco-based company encourages people to move between departments and attributes many of the current job openings to employees like vinnie promoted from within. >> what's great about genentech they foster developmental opportunities and encourage you to stretch your horizon. >> reporter: whether you're going from beer to biotech or a recent grad genentech may have a job for you. >> it's an unbelievably cool and exciting to have the job. >> reporter: for more opportunities, head to boaters on lake merritt did something today that they haven't been able to do for decades. kpix 5's don ford on a reunion
6:44 pm
144 years in the making. >> reporter: boaters in oakland for the first time in more than 100 years can paddle under a bridge to the lake merritt channel to reconnect the lake to the bay. >> we moved the culvert, dams and 12-lane mini freeway and replaced it with a six lane boulevard and underneath it because it's a bridge boats can go by and wildlife can flow and so can the tide dal flows. >> reporter: this phase is $47 million and the completed project is projected to cost nearly $200 million over the next 10 years. folks in oakland are looking forward to the return of the good old days. >> there was a time when people and the brothers were coming down here with their drums, you could hear the drums all over the city. >> reporter: lake merritt's history hasn't always been pristine. >> they pulled a dead body out
6:45 pm
one time. >> in the '90s it was way smellier and murky. >> looks better now. >> yeah. >> we are more than just a negative. okay? that there is and there are positive things going on in oakland and that we should try to highlight that. >> reporter: there's a new tidal marsh too but there's more work to be done like removing additional ancient art pictures like this. but the lake is cleaner now than it has ever been. even more good news. the bid to remove this next giant obstacle and eyesore has been accepted and the contractor is going to start work in just a few more months. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. a startling discovery has been made in leak lake. giant goldfish. that's right. take a look at these. researchers discovered them this week. it's the same species you can get at your local pet store. but these are more than a foot and a half long.
6:46 pm
experts believe the fish got there from people dumping their aquariums into the lake. researchers say the growing number of goldfish in the lake shows how easy it is for an invasive species to take hold. >> them's good eating. >> oh, no! no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> stay away from that. >> one thing is for sure. if we're not getting the rain, they're not getting the snow in tahoe. >> and that will be a growing concern as we get through the spring. we could use some up there. the skiers would like that, too. and they have been grooming and grooming the same snow for the past couple of months. a foot of snow a couple of days ago so that's good news if you are skiing this weekend. 30% below normal in the snowpack. cloudy in san jose. south bay you went from mostly sunny to cloudy between 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. you will stay mainly cloudy for the night tonight keeping us milder. from oakland we look toward the new eastern span of the
6:47 pm
beautiful bay bridge. oakland and concord 56. livermore and san jose 53. santa rosa 54. san francisco one of the cool spots all day long, you'll be kind of chilly this weekend. the chinese new year parade tomorrow we'll have clear skies in the afternoon but temperatures will be held down into the low 50s. that said no weather impediments for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. if you are looking at your tv screen you're looking at kpix 5 high-def doppler radar employing the radars in northern california as well to show you a line of showers looks like it's heading our way but those showers will likely not make it to the bay area. tonight 30s and 40s. napa chilly 38 tomorrow morning. fairfield 37. san francisco you will drop down to 46 degrees overnight tonight. let me set things up for you because we do have this boundary moving through but the moisture won't make it here. you see the cloud cover moving in from the north and from the west. it's going to sweep through the bay area. you see the clouds, you have
6:48 pm
the clouds outside your house now but you're not going to get rainfall because high pressure anchored dropped anchor out in the eastern pacific is going to keep all the rain up to our north like a deflector shield keeping that rain about three or four hours away from us. that's going to stay that way. another front passes by on monday, another one on thursday, far northern california will get a ton of rainfall. we won't see any. six days of sunshine in a row even though three storms will pass by relatively close. we start off with cloud cover tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon sunshine, slight chance of a shower in the far northern bay coming up tonight. i'm talking lake and mendocino counties. upper 50s tomorrow for livermore and san francisco. san jose you'll hit 61. 61 for milpitas. fremont 59 tomorrow with some afternoon sunshine. san ramon 61. pittsburg 61. richmond, sonoma, oakland all in the low 60s. san francisco tomorrow 58. sunday a little milder and sunnier. then that next front passes by on monday low 60s. and then we're on cruise
6:49 pm
control into march where highs will get near 70 degrees for the first day of march next friday. we have sports coming up next. stick around.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
future will remain in the hands of the forty-niners.... jim harbaugh said it's unlikely the team will release the former k and he could alex smith's future will remain in the hands of the
6:52 pm
49ers. jim harbaugh said it's unlikely the team will release the former number one pick and he could return as the backup if they can't find a suitable trade. the nfl world is in indianapolis this week for the annual combine. the 49ers have a league high 14 picks so jim harbaugh is very busy trying to find the right players for his team. >> i'm a big fan of the judge judy show. and when you lie in judge judy's courtroom, it's over. >> you know you two idiots really have to get your stories straight. >> your credibility is completely lost. you stand no chance of winning that case. >> well, that would mean that you're being dishonest with me here. >> so i learned that from her. and very powerful. and true. because if somebody does lie to you how can you ever trust anything that they say after that. after leading the giant to
6:53 pm
the second world series title in three years bruce bochy may have managed his way into baseball's hall of fame, but as dennis o'donnell reports two bochys are better than one. >> he is here with me so it's special. >> reporter: red bochy is the son of the giants skipper who finally gets to see his boy play ball. >> i'm his father's baseball. >> reporter: bruce bochy didn't get to see very many of his son's games growing up because he was a ballplayer and manager for the padres. >> i grew up going to field him every day and watching the big leaders go about their business and how they carried themselves. >> reporter: he grew up around good company while paying for the san diego stings. teammates with future big leaguers. that tall kid is steven strasbourg of the nationals. >> your son has a chance. >> reporter: before you get the idea favoritism in your head keep this in mind. brett bochy's stuff was so good
6:54 pm
that he skipped single a baseball completely and started in double-a. >> i'll probably be low 90s. but location is huge. >> reporter: strikeout type of pitcher? >> in the minor leagues i have been. but that's not what i try and do am i just try to pitch to contact and to the corner. >> reporter: with several giants relievers playing in the world baseball classic, brett will get a long look this spring and who knows? >> this guy, he is determined enough to get to this done. i'm proud of what he did last year. he earned his invitation to spring training. you never know. >> i'm living a dream. great to be in my first camp. >> reporter: if he doesn't wake up soon, he may find himself at at&t park. in scottsdale, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5 sports. after playing in his first back-to-back just days ago, andrew bogut is sidelined again. this time, with back spasms. the big man had an miri today.
6:55 pm
he is out indefinitely. he played in 12 of the 54 warriors games it season. the warriors didn't make any moves at the trade deadline but they will look different tonight. they will debut their new shortsleeve alternative uniforms and will need to tighten things up if they want to snap their 16 game losing streak against the spurs. >> yes, i did some reason though i need to get a bigger size. >> so it affected your shot? >> it affected the way i looked at myself in the mirror. i don't think it had anything to do with anything against the jersey. i just need to get a little better shape. >> so you can expect the gun show tonight at oracle. this is the first short-sleeved jersey and it's the lightest jersey. >> they made fun of the shorts. >> you been working out? >> hitting the pilates hard. captions by: caption colorado
6:56 pm
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through sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing? that's really good. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you very much. thank you. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day from marietta, georgia, it's the kennedy family, and from right here in hotlanta, georgia, it's the brown family. i'm gonna give away money, but to get it, you got to play for it. let's go. give me sheila. give me keith.
6:59 pm
let's go. hey, guys, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. name something dog lovers would rather do with a dog than a person. sheila. >> take the dog walking. steve: walk. >> whoo! >> play! play! >> we're going to play. steve: they're gonna play, keith. hey, sheila. >> good morning, good morning. steve: how you doing? >> i'm still bodacious. steve: see you got another fancy sweater on. >> yes. i do. steve: are you known for your sweaters? >> no. it just helps-- >> sort of. steve: sort of? >> just sort of helps cover up my extra weight. >> ha ha ha! >> they serve a great purpose. steve: do they? >> yes. they do. steve: so what do you do, again, sheila? >> well, after about 37 years in chemical sales, i'm now a retired senior citizen... [applause] steve: mm-hmm. >> and that allows me to pursue

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